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Genel Bilgiler

It is an engineering discipline dealing with the architecture, design, implementation, and efficient operation of computer systems.
Computer engineering students are individuals who are required to have an aptitude for reasoning with numbers and/or symbols, possess the ability to refine a task into its constituents to determine the process steps, have skills for inference and design, be observant and patient, have the urge to constantly adapt themselves, and be inquisitive.

The nominal duration of the computer engineering education is four years. Along with Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry, some introductory Computer Engineering and Programming courses are given in the first year.  In the subsequent years, hardware and software related specialty courses are offered. Programming Languages, Data Structures and Algorithms, Probability and Statistics, Computer Architecture, Logic Design, Microprocessors, Computing Theory, Fundamentals of Electrical Circuits and Electronics, Computer Networks and Communication, Database Systems, and Operating Systems are examples of such courses. In the Department of Computer Engineering in Izmir University of Economics, students are also offered a wide collection of technical elective courses ranging from Cloud Computing and Cryptography to Computational Geometry and Parallel Computer Architectures specifically oriented towards their preferred areas of expertise. We also provide, through diverse groups of elective courses offered, an opportunity to specialize in Computer Games, Web Engineering and Machine Learning.

Computers and computer systems are widely used in many areas today. Computers are used in almost all parts of the business world, entertainment sector, telecommunications and various other industries. Computer engineers are employed for the development, testing and usage of such systems.
Computer engineers can be employed in software and hardware development companies and consultancy firms that develop and adapt various computer aided solutions. In these companies, computer engineers can take part in teams organized according to various production processes and methods, and take role in the development, testing, support and marketing of software and hardware solutions, as well as the governance and management of the organizational processes.
Computer engineers can also work in institutions that make use of various software and hardware solutions. Institutions in sectors like education, business, trade, finance, service, consultancy, and government can hire computer engineers to take part in multidisciplinary teams, and work on the development, customization, and maintenance of software and hardware solutions specific to the area.
There are also attractive employment opportunities for computer engineers in the world of popular culture and entertainment. Computer engineers play an active role in the development of computer games, mobile and web-based applications. In addition to working in companies that develop these applications, computer engineers can also start their own ventures as entrepreneurs with a relatively low cost.

Typically, computer engineers work as part of a team, in harmony with their teammates and managers, in a way that is focuses on solutions and outcomes. Their working environments are typically calm and comfortable and their salaries are relatively high compared to many other professions. Although their typical working environments are offices, many companies take steps to further increase the comfort of computer engineers. Various international information technology companies and their enjoyable offices with games and interesting decorations are often presented in news articles as examples.
The wide spectrum of employment opportunities for computer engineers is also reflected in their working environments. Computer engineers that develop hardware and software usually work in fixed office locations. Computer engineers with a business analyst role often visit their client organizations and work together with them both in the office and in the field. Computer engineers with a role in marketing often make business trips. Computer engineers that work in the education sector can give lectures in a classroom. In addition, computer engineers can work in other types of environments depending on the area that they work in.
Regardless of their working environments, computer engineers are in demand unlike many other professions, and they enjoy high salaries. Thus, computer engineers can change jobs often and their unemployment durations are quite low. Another alternative venue of high income considered viable due to the low capital cost involved for computer engineers is to establish their own ventures.

The courses that you will take during your university years will be very useful to improve yourselves. Some of these courses are related to Computer engineering and will help you become a successful computer engineer by teaching you the details of your profession. Moreover, the courses that you will take from other areas will help you expand your horizons in topics other than your profession. You can either enroll in such courses as elective courses, or you can also opt for a minor or double major program to acquire a more comprehensive understanding of the area.
In addition to the regular computer engineering education, you can also choose to join the Computer Games Option Program (which is unique in Turkey) or the Web Engineering Option Program. In these programs, you take courses and develop projects specifically designed to become specialized computer engineers and start your career with a competitive advantage.
In addition to the courses, the laboratory studies during your education will help you reinforce the theoretical knowledge with application. With the class and senior projects, you will have a chance to create a concrete output using the knowledge that you acquired. In the meantime, you will have a chance to practice one-on-one with teaching assistants and faculty members to enhance your skills. The projects that you create during these studies will be important pieces of a portfolio that you can present to potential employers.
Our faculty members are leading researchers in their areas, have lived abroad for extended durations, and have substantial industry experience. Your interactions with our faculty members will be very instrumental in improving yourselves throughout your university years. Communicating with the faculty members both inside and outside the classroom will help you exploit their knowledge and experience, and will provide for advices that will supplement both your education and your personal development. The network of our faculty that spans various companies and universities both at home and abroad will help you connect with people and institutions that will be very beneficial for your career and may help you work in institutions that are otherwise difficult to reach.
Computer engineers are very much sought after, and have been for a long time. It is really difficult to think of any other engineering field with equally good prospects except those related to informatics. Almost every business needs computer engineers in a variety of ways ranging from database application design and development to networking and computerized control. Job prospects for Computer engineering graduates are as diverse as the applications on which computers are focused, and hence limitless.
Although, we do not have the exact figures for Turkey, the average salary of a computer engineer is known to be high. Newly graduated computer engineers with higher GPAs can earn a relatively higher salary. But it should be noted that employers don’t look only at GPA. They usually put a great deal of importance on motivation and communication skills. If you are a successful computer engineer, your salary increases gradually in the first ten years after you begin working. Afterwards, your salary will very much be commensurate with the demand for your expertise and your management skills as long as you keep pace with the advancements in the field.

Our graduates have always been successful in finding jobs. Among the graduates of the department of computer engineering in Izmir University of Economics are employees in global companies such as Google and Facebook as well as people working for various national and international companies located particularly in Istanbul. Furthermore, in addition to those who are striving for their Ph.D.’s in Turkey, there are also those who continue their academic careers in countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, UK, and Italy.

No prior knowledge of computer programming is required. Nevertheless, any experience could possibly be helpful in the programming courses of the first year.
Although these two engineering disciplines have a lot more in common than they differ, the major difference can be pointed out as follows: While computer engineering puts the focus on the design and development of software mostly controlling hardware, software engineering deals with the design, development, establishment and maintenance of mostly application software.

CGOP is a concentration program that the students can optionally enroll in by taking the corresponding elective courses. Moreover, CGOP requires that a computer games related senior project is completed.

WEOP is also a concentration program that the students can optionally enroll in by taking the corresponding elective courses. Moreover, WEOP requires that a web engineering related senior project is completed.

MLOP is also a concentration program that the students can optionally enroll in by taking the corresponding elective courses. Moreover, MLOP requires that a machine learning related senior project is completed.